Women in Private Investigation Work: Part III

Challenges of a Woman Private Investigator The field of private investigation has traditionally been known to be a “man’s world”. The focus is most certainly on  men. Think about it honestly. If we were to ask what image comes to mind when you hear the word ‘detective’ or ‘investigator’, you would probably say that you […]

Women in Private Investigation Work: Part II

Women Private Eyes: Fiction and Reality Though men have been the archetypal private investigators, fictional woman private investigators have existed way before even Sherlock Holmes was introduced in 1887. An author of British origin, Andrew Forrester Jr. introduced Mrs Gladden, the first female detective character in 1864. If one reads Mrs Gladden’s adventures and approach […]

The Art of Surveillance: Part III

Stakeout Hell Surveillance occupies a critical role of a typical investigator’s day, and it is among their most essential tasks. It is indeed one of the most critical components of any private investigation assignments. There are of course different activities that a private investigator will undertake. For example record retrieval, interviews and serving court papers. […]

man hammering a computer

I Want to Vanish

Deleting Your Digital Life Be careful what you post on the internet, including social media sites, once it is up there it is almost impossible to take down. In some cases someone’s digital past haunts them, and even things that are just not true stay around forever. In 2085 your grandchildren might be reading things […]

Big Brother May Be Watching You

Ten Signs That You Have Been Bugged 1) Strange sounds or volume changes on your phone This is commonly caused by an amateur eavesdropper when they attaches the actual wiretap, or similar listening device. Surveillance devices often cause slight sound disruptions and differences on the telephone line. 2) Static, popping, or scratching on your phone […]