Eugène François Vidocq

The Founder Of Private Investigation Private investigation in modern times is increasingly impressive and much of the thanks for this is due to technology. It is now easier to track down, create videos and even photograph or record misbehaving individuals, fraudsters and even find missing people much faster than it was before. This private investigation […]

technological fingerprinting

What Your Private Investigator Friend Won’t Tell You

You might think that it would be exciting to have a friend in the Private Investigations industry. You might expect stories of dangerous assignments, criminals being taken down, and little old ladies getting justice after getting ripped off. In reality, you might not hear anything exciting from your dear friend the PI. That’s because confidentiality […]

Revenge Photos

Because of technology being what it is, new crimes emerge from time to time, and one of the new crimes that hasn’t been completely absorbed into the various criminal justice systems around the world is that of the revenge photo. This is the misuse of nude or provocative pictures taken and exchanged between two people […]

Ponzi Schemes

What is a Ponzi Scheme? Charles Ponzi is infamous for scamming people. It is for this reason that fake schemes are often named after him. Ponzi would collect money from individuals in the name of investing in his own business. He would then pay investors high interest payments using the money obtained from new investors. […]