Revenge Photos

Because of technology being what it is, new crimes emerge from time to time, and one of the new crimes that hasn’t been completely absorbed into the various criminal justice systems around the world is that of the revenge photo. This is the misuse of nude or provocative pictures taken and exchanged between two people […]

Improvising as a Private Investigator

Improvisation and Private Investigation Working as a private investigator in Indonesia requires many skills – patience, tenacity and great observation to name but a few. Not many people would realise that good acting skills are also a great asset. One particular aspect of acting is improvising in a difficult and unpredicted situation. A private investigator […]

Women in Private Investigations Part IV: The Pros and Cons of Womanly Charm

What are the most commonly used techniques for delivering investigative services, and what are the pros and cons of using a female private instigator? Remember that the Private Investigator does not have police powers and has to rely solely on wits, diligence, and sustainable, legal means to gather information. Otherwise, the PI will not be […]