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What Your Private Investigator Friend Won’t Tell You

You might think that it would be exciting to have a friend in the Private Investigations industry. You might expect stories of dangerous assignments, criminals being taken down, and little old ladies getting justice after getting ripped off. In reality, you might not hear anything exciting from your dear friend the PI. That’s because confidentiality […]

Employee Background Checks

Employers are no longer taking chances with the people they hire to work for them. Any company’s reputation relies on the staff members and the combination can determine the credibility the business has in the eyes of the public. Apart from this, the employees you hire can determine the productivity of your company and there […]

Becoming a Private Investigator

What Your Need To Know  Private investigators are helpful to lawyers, companies and also individuals in helping them uncover information. They can be hired to perform background checks on applicants before employment, do credit checks or conduct surveillance on individuals and to monitor them to see what activities they are involved in among many other […]

Reference Checks

Application forms and resumes from job applicants carry plenty of information on the candidates. They are the documents employers rely on to find more about who the applicant is and whether they are suitable for the job opening that is available in the company. Usually, the resume will have referees given by the applicant in […]

Protect Your Privacy

Privacy is very important, but there are high chances that people will always want to interfere with your private belongings when you are out of sight. However, thanks to technological developments, it is now possible for you to keep an eye on your treasured belongings even when you are not around to see what is […]

Cyber Attacks: Protect Yourself

Catastrophic data breaches and hacking cases are some of the most common in companies today. Self-inflicted data leaks can put the security of any company at risk exposing it to different kinds of attacks. Businesses make huge losses through such leaks and protecting your company information is crucial in keeping unidentified attacks at bay. Investigators […]