Essential PI Gear

Private investigators are now used in different kinds of situations. Their services can be hired in keeping watch or finding more about strangers such as babysitters, co-workers, friends and even teachers among others. They can also be hired to sort out marital issues, custody battles and to find missing persons or run-aways. Their work can […]

Improvising as a Private Investigator

Improvisation and Private Investigation Working as a private investigator in Indonesia requires many skills – patience, tenacity and great observation to name but a few. Not many people would realise that good acting skills are also a great asset. One particular aspect of acting is improvising in a difficult and unpredicted situation. A private investigator […]

Employee Background Checks

Employers are no longer taking chances with the people they hire to work for them. Any company’s reputation relies on the staff members and the combination can determine the credibility the business has in the eyes of the public. Apart from this, the employees you hire can determine the productivity of your company and there […]

Becoming a Private Investigator

What Your Need To Know  Private investigators are helpful to lawyers, companies and also individuals in helping them uncover information. They can be hired to perform background checks on applicants before employment, do credit checks or conduct surveillance on individuals and to monitor them to see what activities they are involved in among many other […]

Trust Your Gut

I was going through some old papers in a stack of boxes in a warehouse, and found some school notes taken back in the 1960’s in elementary school. The notes were very clear. The elementary school teacher was teaching the kids about animal instinct, but stated that humans had lost instinct long ago in ancient […]

Solving Internet Dating Fraud

Internet dating has brought in dating convenience, especially with modern lifestyles which can get really busy for people to have the time to keep up with offline dating demands. Apart from the time convenience that online dating offers, it also breaks geographical barriers that offline dating usually comes with. It makes it possible for singles […]