Big Brother May Be Watching You

Ten Signs That You Have Been Bugged 1) Strange sounds or volume changes on your phone This is commonly caused by an amateur eavesdropper when they attaches the actual wiretap, or similar listening device. Surveillance devices often cause slight sound disruptions and differences on the telephone line. 2) Static, popping, or scratching on your phone […]

technological fingerprinting

Tracking, Hunting and Catching an Embezzler

Modern Technologies and Old Fashioned Leg Work in Private Investigation Work in Indonesia This is a true case IPIA and BEPIA solved recently tracking and catching an embezzler. We have changed the names, places and dates to protect confidentiality. Modern technologies are incredibly useful for a Private Investigator in Indonesia but at the end of the day it is […]

Dating Con Games in Indonesia

 Dating Cons It is sad that whilst most of the people who date online act sincerely, and intense and real feeling do develop, these conditions drag the unscrupulous con artists from the gutters. These scam artists have seemed to make it their intention to take money from online victims. Indonesia Private Investigation Agency (IPIA) and […]