10 Ways to spot a Cheating Partner

Often you may have a gut feeling that your partner is cheating on you; and that leads to a burning desire to find out if you are right or wrong.

After talking with several private investigators, and after working on over 200 suspected infidelity related cases BEPIA offers this brief summary of the top ten clues that your partner is cheating.

Number Ten:

Your partner is paying more attention to the way he or she dresses. Maybe s/he is changing styles, buying new clothes, working out.

It may be a mid-life crisis. They may just have decided to change the way they look as it makes them feel happier.

But be careful, such actions are often a sign someone is cheating. Getting all dressed up and working out may be for  someone new.

Number Nine:

Your partner is taking more money from the bank and spending more than usual, but they don’t have anything to show for it.

There could of course be many reasons – a gambling habit, an illness in the family that your partner has not told you about.

Remember though having an affair, hotel rooms, dinners out, weekends away, is not cheap.

Number Eight:

There’s a change in your sex life … there might be less or more.

But often what waves the red flag is when your partner wants to try out new things.

Number Seven:

Has there been a change in the way you communicate with each other?

Sometimes a partner may start a fight on purpose so s/he can leave the house – a good excuse to go and meet the other person.

Number Six:

Work: Your partner is working a lot of sudden overtime but you can never reach them on the phone.

Number Five:

Your partner is always going out for work meetings, but every time you try to reach him or her they are is not where they are supposed to be. This could be a good reason to be suspicious.

Number Four:

Remember when your partner used to be happy and relaxed, enjoying time with you and/or the family?

This contentment has been replaced with restlessness and a desire to be anywhere except with the family.

Number Three:

Your partner starts to pick more of your faults out.

Cheaters do have a conscience and findiong fault with you can be a way for your partner for justifying the cheating.

Number Two:

This is the opposite of finding faults – being even more loving towards you.

This is usually at the start of the infidelity, and a way for the cheating partner to ease their guilt.

Number One:

The phone … when your partner is on the phone and you enter the room all of a sudden your partner lowers his or her voice or even leaves the room to finish the conversation.

Maybe the phone has a passcode and your partner refuses to share the code.

If you do get into the phone you notice that all the call histories and SMS messages have been deleted.

This could be someone covering their tracks.

So what do you do if all the evidence points to what you feared the most?

Even though the truth is painful it can be better than to live with a lie.

Our suggestion is as a first step you talk to your partner, and try and get the truth that way. At that point you can decide to work it out, maybe by talking to a counselor, or you can decide to end the relationship.


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