Life of a PI

Notes from a Private Investigator II

No. It is not a title of the great book Life of Pi. It’s Life as a PI – a Private Investigator. As we know, the first and probably the founding father of the private investigation agency and detective services in Indonesia is BEPIA – Bali Eye Private Investigation Agency.

BEPIA then soon opened IPIA – Indonesia Private Investigation Agency. BEPIA or IPIA were the first and probably the founding fathers of private investigation agencies and detective services in Indonesia.

Before I joined I kept asking myself  where do they get their workers? Who could be a private investigator and/or a detective? Should they be majoring in something special like criminology?  What special skills do they have?

These questions stuck in my head.

IPIA and BEPIA have agents with degrese in Criminology or with police backgrounds but formal qualifications aside there are some major characteristics one must have to become a professional private investigator or detective.

  • Intuition
  • Patience
  • Dedication
  • Loyalty
  • Communicating skills
  • Data processing abilities
  • Knowledge of law

If you want to be the man on the field such as working on a surveillance, you better have a great intuition and patience (you try sitting in a car for 10 hours). If you want to work behind the desk, you better be good with data processing, have a wide knowledge of law, and also great communication skills as you will interact with lots of clients from different backgrounds.

Above all, the most important point is dedication, patience and loyalty. A great dedication and patience to finish your job.  To do it great and get an excellence result. A huge loyalty is needed in being a private investigator or a detective as you will be keeping someone’s secrets. Huge secrets.

IPIA works on cases with the utmost professionalism and dedication, the CEO who is also the Director of Investigations holds an international qualification in Private Investigation.


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